Our movement strives to

1. Remove President Jacob Zuma from office

2. Protect the South African Constitution

3. Restore power to the people of South Africa and protect their hard-won freedom

4. Stop state capture and use a whole-of-society approach to South Africa’s development


The following organizations were present at the launch of the Freedom Movement:

  • Fedusa
  • Outa
  • DA
  • UDM
  • Cope
  • National Religious Council
  • Midrand Group
  • Academics

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Desmond Tutu Quote

“In principle Aunt Leah and I are in support of a united coalition calling on all South Africans to join the event on 27 April 2017.

It is important that we unite as South Africans to bring an end to state capture and that we further the values of our democratic society by speaking out against any and all kinds of injustice in our society.

Let’s work together in the interest of a better life for all our people.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Pictures from recent events