Tshwane declaration

Adopted by Patriotic South Africans at the Caledonian Stadium on Freedom Day, 27 April 2017

A spectre of a rogue President is haunting South Africa. The sinews of our nascent nation are under severe attack by a virulent virus of nefarious moneymen and kleptocratic political leaders. Our democracy has been hijacked.

A spectre of a rogue President is haunting South Africa. The sinews of our nascent nation are under severe attack by a virulent virus of nefarious moneymen and kleptocratic political leaders. Our democracy has been hijacked.

We feel a deep sense of betrayal. The optimism of 1994 has given way to a paralysing fear of a grim future that looms like a dark cloud over our hopes and aspirations.

Section 83(c) of our country’s Constitution enjoins the Head of State to promote “the unity of the nation and that which will advance the Republic.” President Jacob Zuma has violated this sacrosanct covenant.

We are paralysed by the pain of a President who pierces into the heart of our national unity. The echo of our hollow centre can be heard by peoples of distant lands who once saw South Africa as the birth place of something new and truly inspirational.

The reckless decisions of our rogue President have brought our country to the brink of economic catastrophe. South Africa has now been downgraded, unnecessarily, to a junk status.

Our poor and vulnerable citizens will not cope with rising food prices. Transport will be unaffordable. Thousands of working men and women will lose their jobs. The unemployed have no hope to find employment. It will be harder for families with bonds to repay bank loans.

All this unnecessary hardship is a result of a rogue President working to enrich members of his family and politically connected friends.

The criminal justice system – the institutions of state that are supposed to deal decisively with illegal and criminal conduct – has been weakened deliberately to let the President and his cronies off the hook.

Infighting and alarming evidence of criminality in the leadership of the police are the order of the day. The National Prosecuting Authority has lost all credibility.

Of the three branches of the state, only the judiciary is still standing. We salute the indomitable spirit of our judges in their relentless defence of the South African Constitution. They are a dependable detachment in the war against corruption.

In the end, good shall triumph and hope will be restored. We South Africans are a resilient people. Throughout history, we have shown moral courage and strength. Our forebears have gallantry resisted colonialism and apartheid.

Gathered on Freedom Day in Tshwane, we declare and reaffirm the commitment of all the people of South Africa – black and white – to join hands in the fight against those who seek to weaken our rainbow nation.

We, the representatives of political formations, civil society, workers, religious organisations, and academia, want the whole world to know our resolve:

  1. to protect the Constitution of South Africa;
  2. to remove President Jacob Zuma from office;
  3. to uproot corruption and stop state capture by adopting a whole-of-society approach to South Africa’s development; and
  4. to defend our hard-won freedom.

In pursuit of these noble objectives, we commit to mobilise all patriotic South Africans into an on-going movement that will not rest until our objectives are met.

Our next step will be to mobilise South Africans, in an unprecedented show of public force, to gather outside Parliament when the National Assembly convenes to debate a motion of no confidence against President Zuma.

Such will be the final day when our honourable parliamentarians will have to choose between defending our country’s Constitution and siding with the corrupt forces that seek to soil the proud legacy of Nelson Mandela.

Whatever the outcome of the parliamentary debate, we declare that the Freedom Movement shall remain a united front of organisations across the political spectrum, civil society, the religious fraternity and labour that are always ready for action in pursuit of our commonly held objectives.

A strong nation shows itself during trying times. Never since 1994 have we confronted a test sterner than our current leadership crisis.

The history of our people is a gallant tale of resilience. We adopt the Tshwane Declaration to honour those who fought and died for our freedom, and to secure a better future for posterity. We vow to defend our country with all our strength.

Power to the People!