Final push to get President Jacob Zuma out of office

A mountain of evidence has been rising from the flood of leaked Gupta emails, proving yet again that each day of President Jacob Zuma in office is not wasted by this family and those in the ANC linked to them to capture our state completely.

Tuesday the 8th of August presents a final chance for South Africans to reclaim their state and hard-won freedom. It is the day on which our Parliament shall deliberate and vote on a motion-of-no-confidence in Zuma.

Whether the Speaker of Parliament opts for a secret ballot or not, the Freedom Movement calls upon South Africans to join thousands of citizens who will march to and gather outside Parliament while parliamentarians deliberate and vote inside. We want them to know that South Africans want Zuma to go – that it is time the ANC put country before party.

This is the last push to stop a rogue president from destroying our country. Ordinary South Africans are now feeling the damage caused by this dangerous man. The economy is falling apart, factories and mines are closing down, and thousands of people are losing their jobs. Families are condemned to hunger and destitution.

We cannot wait any longer. Let us descend upon Parliament in our numbers to show that we the people have the power to direct the affairs of our nation. The Freedom Movement will provide further details regarding the march on August the 8th to Parliament. In the meantime, let us all mobilise to go to Cape Town.

March start point: Keizersgracht St, (CPUT parking lot) Cape Town
Time: 11h00
Date: Tuesday 8 August 2017

For further information, contact Prince Mashele (084 431 4494) or Catherine Constantinides (083 747 7677).

Power to the People!